Special Notice to NTNU students
Ø   Please read the registration notice before you enroll for the courses. NTNU students DO NOT need to hand in Inter-University General Courses application, please register at the Summer College website directly.
Ø   If you need courses from certain category, please check the Credit Acquisition and Verification list( http://www..n2.org.tw/enter/reconized_list/start
Choose NTNU) before you enroll for the courses. Each course is recognized with certain category.
Ø   If there is time clash of the NTNU summer course with the Summer College course, NTNU summer course will be given higher priority. Thus, the Summer College course in time clash will not be giver credits. Please check the class time before you enroll for the courses.
Ø  For the course registration system issue and payment issue, please contact Summer College(n2summerntu@gmail.com) directly.
Ø   The grades will be submitted by the lecture teacher after the class ends. NTNU will check the grades and register the grades to the NTNU system.
Ø Notice : Summer College general education course is bachelor level course. Graduate students who take this course will be not given credits.

Online Enrollment System of the Summer College: http://www.n2.org.tw/enter/login
Course Information of the Summer College: http://www.n2.org.tw/enter/lesson
Information on Credit Acquisition and Verification(Choose NTNU): 
Contact Email: n2summerntu@gmail.com