Administrative staffs


Yi-Ting Zhang



Management of all matters related to General Education.

Senior Administrator

Shu-ching Chuang


1.Reading and review of official documents of the Center

2.All meetings of the Center


Administrative Assistant

Min-Hui Huang


1.General education courses and related matters

2.General courses credit transfer

3.Self-directed learning courses

4.Curriculum committee






1.Teaching assistants

2.Introduction to university studies

3.Inter-university general courses

4.General courses of summer college






1.General education lecture

2.Guest speaker speech fee subsidies



Project Assistant

Yung-Hsuan Wang


1.Inter-disciplinary Programs

2.Overseas credit transfer / Free elective credits 

3.Curriculum mapping of general education



Full-time Faculties



Wang Yin-Guo



Associate Professor

Sarah Yihsuan Tso




Mei-Hsuan, Huang