Director Talk: ''Days''
Date: May 22nd, 2024 (Wednesday)
Time: 10:20-12:10
Location: Gymnasium Elite Lecture Hall
Speaker Introduction:
Tsai Ming-liang
Born in Malaysia in 1957, Tsai Ming-Liang premiered his debut feature, Rebels of the Neon God, at the Berlinale in 1992. His sophomore film, Vive L’ amour (1994), won the Golden Lion award at the Venice Film Festival while The River (1996) won the Jury Award at Berlin, thus solidifying his status as a major filmmaker. All of his feature films so far have been selected by the top three film festivals of the world while five of them have won the FRIPESCI Award. In 2009, Face became the first film to be included in the collection of the Louvre Museum’s “Le Louvre s'offre aux cineastes”.

In recent years, Tsai has also received attention in the art world, having been invited to participate in various art exhibitions and festivals, and for putting forth such aesthetic ideas as the “Hand-sculpted Cinema” and “The removal of industrial processes from art making”. In 2012, he began his “Slow Walk” series and has since completed eight short films, screened at art festivals and galleries around the world. Back in Taiwan, he actively promoted the concept of vely promoted the concept of theoted the concept of the Art Museum as Cinemagalleries in the world.on the FRIPESCI Award. ly“Art Museum as Cinema” and “The Author’s Intended Way of Viewing”, introducing new film-watching modes as a way to balance the overly commercialized film market.

Tsai is the most sensual, sensitive and sombre filmmaker of this generation. He sees the human body as a mysterious, malleable and vulgar machine, and seeks to strip naked the sensory functions of the human body through his work. His films often absent of narrative and dialogue and composed of slow and long takes, present life in its truest form, showing us the helplessness of humans, their desire, emptiness and loneliness. His lens, long fixated on Lee Kang-sheng, is in fact, fixated on life itself.


Feature Film
2020 Days
2013 Stray Dogs
2009 Face
2006 I Don't Want to Sleep Alone
2005 The Wayward Cloud
2003 Goodbye, Dragon Inn
2002 The Skywalk Is Gone
2001 What Time is It There?
1998 The Hole
1997 The River
1994 Vive L’ amour
1992 Rebels of the Neon God

Short Film / Non-Feature Films
2018 Light
2018 Your Face
2018 Sand
2017 The Deserted (VR)
2015 Afternoon
2015 Autumn Days
2015 No No Sleep
2013 Journey to the West
2013 Walking on Water
2012 Diamond Sutra
2012 Sleepwalk
2012 Walker
2012 No Form
2011 Hole 2011
2008 Madama Butterfly
2007 It’s a Dream
2003 Moonlight on the River
2002 The Skywalk is Gone
2001 A conversation With God

Installation Art
2019 Gaze - SPOT-Huashan, Taipei
2018 Walker, Tsai Ming-liang – Zhuangwei Dune Visitor Center
2016 No No Sleep – Three Shadows Photography Center, Xiamen China
2016 No No Sleep at MoNTUE - MoNTUE, Taipei
2015 Stray Dogs at the Museum - Guangdong Times Museum, China
2015 The Monk from Tang Dynasty - MoNTUE, Taipei
2014 Stray Dogs at the Museum - MoNTUE, Taipei
2013 Walker - Cinema Galleries, Brussels
2012 Transformation - MoNTUE, Taipei
2012 Sleepwalk, Diamond Sutra - Venice Architecture Biennale Taiwan Pavilion
2012 The Theater in the Boiler Room - MOCA, Taipei
2011 The Theater in the Boiler Room - Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taipei
2010 It’s a Dream - Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei
2010 Erotic Space 2 - Aichi Triennale, Japan
2010 Erotic Space - National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung
2010 Moonlight on the River - Xue Xue Institute, Taipei
2007 Erotic Space - National Palace Museum, Taipei
2007 It’s a Dream - Venice Art Biennale, Italy
2004 Withering Flower - Kinmen Bunker Museum of Contemporary of Art, Taiwan

Theatre Drama
2016 The Monk from Tang Dynasty – Cloud Gate Theater, Taipei
2015 The Monk from Tang Dynasty – Asian Arts Theatre, Gwangju
2014 The Monk from Tang Dynasty – Taipei Arts Festival, Taipei
2014 The Monk from Tang DynastyFestwochen, Vienna
2014 The Monk from Tang Dynasty – Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels
2012 Only You - Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay, Singapore
2011 Only You - National Theater and Concert Hall, Taipei
1984 Pornography in the Apartment
1983 Closet in the Room
1982 A Sealed Door in the Dark
1981 Instant Bean Sauce Noodle