Achievements / The Curriculum

·     Fulfilling a rigorous curriculum review mechanism
In the 2007 academic year, 15 representatives from all NTNU colleges as well as external general education experts and scholars were invited to form a permanent curriculum review organization – the “General Education Center Curriculum Committee,” whose responsibility is to conduct rigorous review on the curriculum in accordance with the objectives, essence and expertise of the teaching staff in each discipline of the University’s core curriculum.

·     Establishing general education course offering guidelines
In order to make courses available to students in each NTNU campus and to ensure the quality of general education course offerings, we have established the University’s “General Education Curriculum Implementation Guidelines,” which provides instructors with general principles on offering courses according to the target audience, procedure, review criteria, number of courses and number of students, course outline, criteria for offering or not offering a course, scope of course evaluation, and the maximum number of credits students can receive. A further objective is to meet the needs of students regarding their curricular requirements as well as to control the quality of general education courses. 

·     Implementing studies aimed at improving the quality of general education courses and surveys on student demand for courses
In order to understand the current status of the University’s general education implementation so that the quality of courses can be improved and the students’ curricular requirements can be met, we have compiled a report specifically for the Gongguan Campus based on research conducted on the following three aspects: status of course offering, results of implementation by teaching assistants and course evaluation. The report will be used by the General Education Center for curriculum planning purposes.
Implementation of the study:
(1) Study on the curricular requirements of students at Gongguan Campus 
(2) Study on the effectiveness of the TA system



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