History and Development

  • The NTNU “General Education Curriculum Planning Task Force” was established in the 1999 academic year. Its responsibilities include general education curriculum planning, review and evaluation.

    General Education courses must first be reviewed and deliberated by the “General Education Curriculum Planning Task Force,” and then submitted to the “Curriculum Committee” and the “Academic Affairs Committee” for approval before they are made available to students. The Planning Task Force is chaired by the Dean of Academic Affairs and comprises 21 additional members including three representatives appointed by each college, a student representative from the Student Association, and Head of the Curriculum Division (who will also serve as the Executive Secretary).
  • With respect to common courses, the “Common Compulsory Course Designation Task Force” was established in the 1996 academic year to plan the University’s common compulsory courses in the spirit of autonomy in a university setting. 


  • In April 2006, in order to enhance the effectiveness of NTNU’s general education, the University decided to form a General Education Task Force, chaired by the University’s Vice Chancellor and staffed by the Dean of each college. The purpose of the task force is to conduct studies on the concepts and practices of general education around the world and to seek an implementation model of general education that fits the needs of NTNU.


  • Based on the results of the research conducted by the General Education Task Force, NTNU has decided to establish an organization dedicated to general education. In late December 2006, therefore, the General Education Center Preparatory Office was established and is charged with the responsibilities of overseeing and coordinating the planning and implementation of the common curriculum and general education courses. Professor Tzuchau Chang, Director of the Graduate Institute of Environmental Education assumed the position of directorship of the Preparatory Office. In August 2007, the General Education Center was officially established.



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